In the Making: Electric Fairy Grounds


“Electric Fairy Grounds” is a three-part radio installation for the exhibition “PHANTASMAGORIA” curated by Madelynne Cornish at Bogong, Australia.

7. -30. April 2017

“Electric Fairy Grounds” draws on the Aboriginal concept of a „dreaming“: A tale  that highlights on topographic elements as well as on the identity and history of the people visiting or having lived in Bogong Village.

Documentary materials – interviews, talks, songs, poems and nature recordings  – are combined with a radio play anchored in the 5os, when the dominating (industrial) landmark of the region, Junction Dam, was built.

Radio as a “medium” relates both to the constant flow of electric currents omnipresent in the area and the flow of the Kiewa river. But of course we can also hear the ghosts of the past speak though the waves….


DLR Kultur 27.2. 0:05: Sneeze Fantasies!


Achoo!!! Who ever is still suffering from sneezes, snot, heavy breathing: welcome to the world of “Sneeze Fantasies”: 12 micro compositions made to spray (a)tonal, jazzy germs into the world of European pre-spring music! Introduced on Deutschlandradio Kultur in the night from Sunday to “Rosenmontag”, at 0:05 at some viral point of this broadcast. 27th Feb and afterwards irregularily during daytime.

Link to Wurfsendung in “Kurzstrecke #59, presented by Julia Tieke:

Greatest thanks to the musicians who helped me by adding their talents to the sneeze material:
Rosanna Lovell – clarinet
Matthias Schmidt – trombone
Claudio Comandini – trumpet
Hannes Wienert – trumpet

Phonurgia Field Recording Award


Alors, c’est ça: Fame and honour for three of us: Patrick Avakian, Yannick Lemesle et moi 🙂 ! Here are the links to our “paysages sonores”. Und der Artikel in Deutsch dazu:

Patrick Avakian, pour « Ecoute la Montagne », autoproduction (France)

Yannick Lemesle, pour « Entomophonie Syntonale », autoproduction (France)

Gabi Schaffner pour « Hidden Places », production Deutschlandradio Kultur (Allemagne)


Now on 1-7 Feb: To the Limit of Endurance

Broadcast now on the international radia network: My radio piece about the voices of Venice. A poet by the riverside, a gondola race, a mass in church, vocal snippets of long gone Amazonian tribes plus some of the inevitable cicadas:)
Trumpet: Claudio Comandini

“To the Limit of Endurance” was produced for radio x, Frankfurt and can be heard there and on stream on Thursday, 4th of Feb. 2016, 3 p.m.
Introduction: Verena Kuni

For all other streams, refer to radia’s time slot page:



Otto Mötö on BR2 – 18.1.2013

Another chance to listen into the archives of the legendary motor music composer Martti Mauri!

Friday, 18.1. 2013
21:03 – 23:00

within the frame of hör!spiel!art.mix
artmix.gespräch *
Fake und Fälschung
Mit Martin Doll, Medienwissenschaftler und Annegret Arnold

Birth house of MM in Jyväslylä, Finland. Photographed by Alma Ratas, 1972

Birth house of MM in Jyväslylä, Finland.
Photographed by Alma Ratas, 1972

Finnish Snow-walks and Dances

Snow on Vinyl!

Beware! , winter is lying in wait behind its snow cloud on a near horizon. This great collection of modern and traditional snow folk and rituals will sooth your mind and bring a bunch of strange and wonderful tunes and stories to your ear. Published in 2005 as a vinyl (nope, no CDs!), there are still some copies left. I wouldn’t hesitate… but I don’t have to…

For a taste, check this “Snow core” vid: Dark Cough by Leikata ja Liimata.

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