In the Making: Electric Fairy Grounds


“Electric Fairy Grounds” is a three-part radio installation for the exhibition “PHANTASMAGORIA” curated by Madelynne Cornish at Bogong, Australia.

7. -30. April 2017

“Electric Fairy Grounds” draws on the Aboriginal concept of a „dreaming“: A tale  that highlights on topographic elements as well as on the identity and history of the people visiting or having lived in Bogong Village.

Documentary materials – interviews, talks, songs, poems and nature recordings  – are combined with a radio play anchored in the 5os, when the dominating (industrial) landmark of the region, Junction Dam, was built.

Radio as a “medium” relates both to the constant flow of electric currents omnipresent in the area and the flow of the Kiewa river. But of course we can also hear the ghosts of the past speak though the waves….

@ Radio Revolten Halle

revolten workspace

If you may wonder where I am, it is here at my Halle work station. Lovers of radio, experimental sound, field recording, wave nerds, frequency fetishists: The place to visit is Radio Revolten Festival in Halle. If you would like to know what is happening: Read the “Diary” , better still: Tune in on 99.3 FM and 1575 on Mittelwelle and online. Art, People, Music, Club, 2 Concerts each Evening, all free!

I must get back there now, so this post is short.

More and everything else on: RADIOREVOLTEN.NET
1. – 30. October 2016

Starting 1.8.: Radia Show #592

The Journey of the Earthworm

The Journey of the Earthworm / Die Reise des Regenwurms

Pre-edit –  for By Gabi Schaffner, 2016


The earthworm travels on radio frequencies, earthy hacks and conclomerates of audio matter. S/he passes through mosquito clouds (yes, this earthworm can fly!), bird song, thunderstorms, attends a Finnish summer theatre show, listens to a boy and his mother singing, visits the aucoustic remnants of a German garden show, finds happiness in the ringing of porcelain bells and, finally, merges into silence and is gone.


  • Teuri Haarla, on occacion of his exhibition at Galerie Hilbertraum, 16th January 2016, Berlin, Germany
  • Unknown but stunningly convincing actors of a “kesäteatteri” 2010 in Mid Finland
  • Gibrain and Virpi Nurmi in their garden in Gießen, Germany

Field recordings by raw audio with snippets/remixes taken from:
momoscas1 by galeko,
singing saw “fake birds”: Mimosa Pale, Berlin. 2011
guitar in “Birdcage” and flute improvisation, FX Schroeder, Hamburg. 2011
kompost20140711_2047.0.25s, programmed by Pit Schultz, 2014

Teuri Haarla is a Finnish self-taught artist who works with drawings, performance and architecture. For his performances he goes into a state he calls “bio drunk”. He also built “Plantheon” tower, 17 metre high and based on the geometry of nature.

During the opening we had a talk in which he explained some of this work and philosophy.


12.8. DLF: Selbst gemachtes Leben

Tapir - Alpo Koivumäki

Das Feature bei DLF: Selbst gemachtes Leben – Der Tapir im Birkenwald

Ms Schaffner is very pleased to say that she has finished on her new (but not newest!) production on the life and work of Erkki Pirtola, one of Finlands most important video documentarists. His passion was the art of the Finnish outsiders, many of them living far off in the forests and remote villages of the countryside.
“Itse Tehti Elämä” – Self-Made Life, or in short “ITE” is the Finnish name for this kind of art made by self-taught artists.

Pirtola died on the 23rd of January 2016 and his sudden death was a shock.

The picture above shows a tapir made by Alpo Koivomäki, photographed during a journey with Erkki in 2010.

Music (mostly): Felix Schroeder.
Here comes the German text:

Ist es Volkskunst, Wahnsinn oder Methode? Am 23. Januar 2016 starb der finnische Videodokumentarist Erkki Pirtola. Mehr als 30 Jahre seines Schaffens widmete er einer Kunstrichtung, die in den Tiefen der finnischen Wälder und Tundren ein einzigartiges Dasein fristet. Der Begriff ITE, kurz für “Itse Tehti Elämä” – selbst gemachtes Leben – fasst Kunst und Leben, Mensch und Natur in eine Formel, die sich in außergewöhnlichen und oft surrealen Kunstwerken manifestiert. ITE ist billiges Blech oder geflochtene Birkenrinde, ITE ist trashig und transzendental zugleich, ITE ist von Aliens inspiriert oder vom Geist der Vorfahren, ITE kann ein Möbel sein, ein Löffel, ein Tapir aus Metall im Birkenwald oder eine einzelne, durch den Raum gespannte Saite. Pirtola erhielt für sein Werk 2011 den Staatspreis der Bildenden Künste Finnland. Anhand von Interviews und Tonmaterial, das während einer langen, gemeinsamen Reise entstand, entwirft die Autorin ein Porträt des Künstlers und der ITE-Kunst.

Redakteur: Klopp, Tina Feature/Hörspiel/Hintergrund Kultur (Köln)


11.3. on ABC Soundproof: The Madness…

Madness of Documentarist

An interview with Miyuki Jokiranta, producer of Soundproof, ABC Australia. Followed by “The Madness of the Documentarist”, congenially arranged by Angela Grant.


I travel with my (sound) pieces… and… yes, I wear them like clothes. It can happen that a sleeve gets loose or falls off, and you need to repair it with a pin… or so. Also, sometimes, you hang them back into the wardrobe where they stay for years. And with some bad luck, well… moths come and eat the piece. And it falls to digital shreds.

1-7 Feb To the Limit of Endurance

Radia Show #566How about going “To the Limit of Endurance”? Is it wrong or… okay? After all – though in a wholly different story, wasn’t “The Endurance” crushed by the relentless asssault of the antarctic pack ice?  On the other hand, didn’t the expedition find an as fortunate as improbable ending?
Well, let’s leave these ruminations and open our ears to some of the accidentally recorded voices of Venice: Forthcoming in February 2016:  radio show #566 for

Keep going to the limit of endurance!
Keep going to the limit of endurance!
Keep going to the limit of endurance!

Keep going to the limit of endurance!
Keep going to the limit of endurance!
Keep going to the limit of endurance!

Keep going to the limit of endurance!
Keep going to the limit of endurance!
Keep going to the limit of endurance!

“To the Limit of Endurance” explores the beauty of spoken and dead languages. Recorded in Venice, Italy 2015. Broadcast on radio x in radiator – hosted by Verena Kuni – on the 4th of February, 3 p.m. More information follows in due time.

13. Nov. 20:10 Uhr Deutschlandfunk


Yes, der Soundwalk fürs Städel kommt aus dem Museum ins Radio:

13. November, 20:10 Uhr, Deutschlandfunk.
Der Link bietet Gelegenheit zum Download aller Tracks (auch wenn Radiohören gewiss spannender ist), also dann: Viel Spass!

My part in there is “Die Gemäldeakustikerin”, 1st floor, right wing, rooms 4,11, 14, 15 and possibly 16.

“The Paintings Audiologist”: A cleaning woman for remnant acoustic particles talks about her work. You won’t be able to guess what she’ll find there, during her work… at night….

The link above leads you also to a list of all titles which you are free to download and enjoy 🙂