13.2.@Titanik/Turku: Resounding Bangalore

Resounding Bangalore

“Resounding Bangalore” is a 25 minute sound collage that assembles selected field recordings of the city (and some rural locations) into a four-dimensional sound field.

Date: 13. February 2018
Place: Titanik Gallery. Itäinen Rantakatu 8. 20700 Turku, Finland
Time: 6pm

While the acoustical backdrop consists of two ordinary speakers, a low-range radio transmitter broadcasts a parallel track simultaneously. For the performance at Titanik, the radio part gets adapted to a set-up with speakers only.

Disguised as a local radio program (containing samples of Bangalorian radio, static, selected poetry and snippets of local interviews), the parallel track makes the soundscape spatially extend into the audience.

“Resounding Bangalore” is an invitation to cherish an indigenous sound world played back through the ears of a “stranger”. In my work this cultural information becomes often framed as musical concepts. The interplay of distance and difference resounds as a multileveled choir of codes that may be read differently.



Electric Fairy Grounds on 3CR Melbourne


On Air: Electric Fairy Grounds. On the 20th of April I had the pleasure of being invited to 3cr, Melbourne‘s best known community radio station, to give a short talk on the current (until 30th of April!!!!) BCSC exhibition PHANTASMAGORIA and my work. Apart from my  site-specific radio play “Electric Fairy Grounds” the talk also features excerpts of Geoff Robinson‘s “Bell Walk” around Lake Guy on the opening day, 8th of April. The interview was made by Leanne McLean. (Thank you !)

Here comes the link for the show; this post will get updated with lots of pictures of the station’s interior asap 🙂

A radio show on BCSC’s (Bogong Center for Sound Culture) exhibition and activities and an interviwe with Jaqui Shelton will follow some time later in Berlin, in May or June.

Listen to Electric Fairy Lands here!

In the making II: Expatkids Save Radioplay

expatkids post

Talin and Aarya Bennett are the star speakers in my newest of new radio pieces “Electric Fairy Grounds”. They will share their adventures – including encounters with the Moth King and a Fern Witch – with the visitors coming to  visit “PHANTASMAGORIA” (7. – 30. April, Bogong, Victoria). The story will be told in three chapters and in three different places around Lake Guy. Get your walking boots ready and don’t forget to bring a mobile radio as the installation is ON AIR, 100 Mhz.

Dear Hema and Kate, thank you once again!

In the Making: Electric Fairy Grounds


“Electric Fairy Grounds” is a three-part radio installation for the exhibition “PHANTASMAGORIA” curated by Madelynne Cornish at Bogong, Australia.

7. -30. April 2017

“Electric Fairy Grounds” draws on the Aboriginal concept of a „dreaming“: A tale  that highlights on topographic elements as well as on the identity and history of the people visiting or having lived in Bogong Village.

Documentary materials – interviews, talks, songs, poems and nature recordings  – are combined with a radio play anchored in the 5os, when the dominating (industrial) landmark of the region, Junction Dam, was built.

Radio as a “medium” relates both to the constant flow of electric currents omnipresent in the area and the flow of the Kiewa river. But of course we can also hear the ghosts of the past speak though the waves….

One day two shows 2: The Secret Art Society


6 pm, 88.4. Tue. 24. Januray. COLABORADIO / Pi-Radio: Berliner Runde. As you can see from above, the most wonderful, multiply talented and charming Silke Thoss will be my guest at Berliner Runde at Colaboradio. I feel honoured to have been asked to do this show and well, this is my first try.
Silke Thoss is a painter and accordeonist. She is the prominent member/founder of bands like the „Watzloves“ and „Hoodoo Girls“, she is active as a performer, traveller and solo band, and is presently preparing a new set of paintings, titled „The Secret Art Society“.
Her website is:http://silke-thoss.magnolia.ch/

@ Radio Revolten Halle

revolten workspace

If you may wonder where I am, it is here at my Halle work station. Lovers of radio, experimental sound, field recording, wave nerds, frequency fetishists: The place to visit is Radio Revolten Festival in Halle. If you would like to know what is happening: Read the “Diary” , better still: Tune in on 99.3 FM and 1575 on Mittelwelle and online. Art, People, Music, Club, 2 Concerts each Evening, all free!

I must get back there now, so this post is short.

More and everything else on: RADIOREVOLTEN.NET
1. – 30. October 2016

Iceland in April

Hidden Places. A radio investigation.
Well, sometimes it snows in April… possibly during my Iceland Residency at Fljótstunga this year. I will see what happens. As for work: Of course, poetic prodedures + recording the frequencies of moss and lichen 🙂

I am very happy to say that the Goethe Institute in Munich is going to support my work! And the title of the (radio) work envisaged is already in the picture – no snow though…

Mimikry und Mockumentary

Rafik Will von der Tageszeitung “Junge Welt” stellt Radiosendungen vor.
Hier nur der kleine Ausschnitt über die “Mötö” und das “Institut für Feinmotorik”.
Der vollständige Artikel hier.

Mimikry und Mockumentary
Demnächst im Radio
Von Rafik Will
So tun als ob ist eine beliebte (Über-)Lebensstrategie. In der Welt der Tiere demonstriert das z.B. der aufgeplusterte Kugelfisch. In der Welt der Menschen ist der durchschnittliche Kundenberater einer Bank anschauliches Beispiel für das nutzbringende Vortäuschen falscher Tatsachen. Doch auch in der Kunst hat sich Mimikry zu einer eigenen Ausdrucksform entwickelt. Die sogenannte Mockumentary ist dabei natürlich – wie Kunst überhaupt – nicht zweckfrei. Mit ihr läßt sich etwa wunderbar der allgemeine Hang zum Dokumentarischen und Authentischen indirekt thematisieren. »Otto Mötö« (Fr., 21.03 Uhr, BR 2) von Gabi Schaffner, das Hörspiel des Monats August 2012, hat für die von ihr erdachte Spurensuche nach dem inexistenten finnischen Industrial-Vorreiter Martti Mauri vor allem von Schaffner selbst komponierte röhrende und dröhnende Motorensound-Art im Gepäck. Das »Institut für Feinmotorik« widmet sich hingegen nicht den Kettensägen und Traktoren, sondern präparierten Plattenspielern und DJ-Mischpulten. »Die 50 Skulpturen des Institut für Feinmotorik« (Fr., 23.05 Uhr, WDR 3) erhielten den Karl-Sczuka-Preis 2011.