Residencia In Sonora in Madrid!

in sonoraI am most pleased and happy to announce that I am invited for a production residency at the Media Lab Prado in Madrid from 26th Feb. to 18th. of March 2018!
More radio gardening then… feeling very excited about it 🙂


Easter Walk Postscript: Gretchen’s Song


16th of April found Faust’s poor Gretchen singing in the garden of the Willemer HĂ€uschen in Frankfurt/Main: On occasion of Easter and Goethe’s famous “Easter Walk” poem, the curators Annette Gloser and Robert Bock invited 11 artists to create art works along a historical parcours passing by Frankfurt’s Goethian landmarks. In an adaption of an old German “kitchen song” the voices of Shanti Suki Osman and Ulrike Stoehring rang out from two birdboxes, each housing a different mono track for stereo listening.

Retrospective press review here.
Thanks to Kirstin von der Heydt for documenting the work (right pic)!

And of course: those famous lines by J.W.G. in a 1836 translation by Edgar Alfred Bowring:

From the ice they are freed, the stream and brook,
By the Spring’s enlivening, lovely look;
The valley’s green with joys of hope;
The Winter old and weak ascends
Back to the rugged mountain slope….

From there, as he flees, he downward sends
An impotent shower of icy hail
Streaking over the verdant vale.
Ah! but the Sun will suffer no white,

Growth and formation stir everywhere,
‘Twould fain with colours make all things bright,

Though in the landscape are no blossoms fair.
Instead it takes gay-decked humanity.

Now turn around and from this height,
Looking backward, townward see.

Forth from the cave-like, gloomy gate
Crowds a motley and swarming array.

Everyone suns himself gladly today.
The Risen Lord they celebrate,

For they themselves have now arisen
From lowly houses’ mustiness,
From handicraft’s and factory’s prison,
From the roof and gables that oppress,

From the bystreets’ crushing narrowness,
From the churches’ venerable night,
They are all brought out into light.
See, only see, how quickly the masses
Scatter through gardens and fields remote;
How down and across the river passes
So many a merry pleasure-boat.

And over-laden, almost sinking,
The last full wherry moves away.
From yonder hill’s far pathways blinking,
Flash to us colours of garments gay.

Hark! Sounds of village joy arise;
Here is the people’s paradise,

Contented, great and small shout joyfully:
“Here I am Man, here dare it to be!”

In the making II: Expatkids Save Radioplay

expatkids post

Talin and Aarya Bennett are the star speakers in my newest of new radio pieces “Electric Fairy Grounds”. They will share their adventures – including encounters with the Moth King and a Fern Witch – with the visitors coming to  visit “PHANTASMAGORIA” (7. – 30. April, Bogong, Victoria). The story will be told in three chapters and in three different places around Lake Guy. Get your walking boots ready and don’t forget to bring a mobile radio as the installation is ON AIR, 100 Mhz.

Dear Hema and Kate, thank you once again!

Phonurgia Field Recording Award


Alors, c’est ça: Fame and honour for three of us: Patrick Avakian, Yannick Lemesle et moi 🙂 ! Here are the links to our “paysages sonores”. Und der Artikel in Deutsch dazu:

Patrick Avakian, pour « Ecoute la Montagne », autoproduction (France)

Yannick Lemesle, pour « Entomophonie Syntonale », autoproduction (France)

Gabi Schaffner pour « Hidden Places », production Deutschlandradio Kultur (Allemagne)


22. Mai: GĂ€rten von Gestern


A brave new world has evolved after the LSD-riots in 2090, and much of the old horticultural knowledge has gone lost since. Querulous, ever grumbling audio archeologist Vivian Lagrange is sent to the grounds of a former garden show region somewhere in Middle Hessia. Accompanied by a drone in shape of a nightingale and by an artificial intelligence called Gregory WH1953 she sets out to retrieve some of the lost data. Yes, it is dystopic. And yes, she will get lost… and you too! But where, when and how?

Language: German. HR 2015/16
Aus dem Hinweisblatt des HR:


Der Großteil des Soundmaterials der “GĂ€rten von Gestern” beruht auf O-Tönen, die wĂ€hrend “Kompost und Poesis. 100 Tage Datscharadio” in Gießen 2014 aufgenommen wurden. Datscharadio 2014 war ein Projekt von Gabi Schaffner und Pit Schultz, in Kollaboration mit Berlin. Datscharadio dankt an dieser Stelle noch einmal ganz herzlich Ingke GĂŒnther und Jörg Wagner von den gĂ€rtnerpflichten Gießen, Herrn Holzapfel vom hessischen LiteraturbĂŒro und allen mitwirkenden GĂ€sten und KĂŒnstlern.

“GĂ€rten von Gestern” entstand auf Anregung von Pit Schultz. FĂŒr ihren unermĂŒdlichen Zuspruch, Ateliernutzung und Kritik danke ich Mathias Deutsch, Nathalie Grenzhaueser und Dirk HĂŒlstrunk. Besonderer Dank an Mathias Scheliga fĂŒr das Test-Einsprechen sowie an alle anderen Freunde, die mir mit Wort, Rat, Literatur und Stimme ausgeholfen haben!

Pirate / Public. Positionen zeitgenösssicher Radiokunst


Thursday, March 3rd, 19:00


Lautstrom/reboot fm – presented by Anna Bromley

Datscha-Radio – presented by Gabi Schaffner

Das Radio ist nicht Sibirien – Performance by Rafael JovĂ©

Discussion with participants, moderation: Antje Vowinckel


Was unterscheidet den Piraten vom Kaperer? Nicht die Tat, sondern die Befugnis. Nur der Kaperer (engl. privateer), der scheinbar aus purem Eigensinn handelt, ist qua Dokument auch dazu befugt. Die Geschichte des Rundfunks ist eng mit derjenigen des Seerechts verquickt, was sich unter anderem auch in den verwandten Organisationsformen niederschlÀgt. Das Radio und seine öffentlich-rechtlichen, privaten sowie piratistischen Ableger. Diese klaren Abgrenzungen gelten jedoch in der aktuellen Radiolandschaft nicht mehr. Durch Internet, Podcast und Webarchive verschieben sich inhaltliche Kategorien, Sendegebiete, Zuhörerschaften und ZustÀndigkeiten. Bleibt die Frage, ob und wie und vor allem was gekapert wird?


Pirate/Public widmet sich an vier Abenden diesen und anderen Fragen und lÀdt dazu in den Errant Bodies Sound Art Space ein.
Errant Bodies Sound Art Space
Kollwitzstrasse 97

10435 Berlin

3rd June, 9pm: Otto Mötö on ORF 1


Martti Mauri’s infamous motor collage tracks soon on broadcast in Austria. The radio play comes along with congenial tracks (spectral lawnmowers, voice washing machines and atonal accidents) of his international composer friends, interviews and stupendous insights into the vanishing worlds of combustion engines.

Date & time of broadcast:
3rd Juni 2014, 9 pm

–> Official Info

Language: German

With: Frauke Poolman, Helmut Winkelmann, Sascha Nathan, Anke Oldewage (HR) Niina Braun-Lehtonen, Timo Valtonen, Ulrike Stöhring, Michaela Schimun, Teemu Tuonela, Vesa Vehilainen, Emil Karila, Juhani Seppovaara (raw audio recordings).

Compositions: Dirk HĂŒlsTrunk, Gabi Schaffner, Michaela Schimun, Martin Moritz, Jani Purhonen, Ovro, Tuomo Puranen, Pink Twins und Lauri KivelĂ€. Regie: die Autorin (HR 2012)

Initial idea: Martin Moritz
Dank an: Pit Schultz

The “Mötö” project was realised with support of the Kone Foundation, Finland.