One day two shows 2: The Secret Art Society


6 pm, 88.4. Tue. 24. Januray. COLABORADIO / Pi-Radio: Berliner Runde. As you can see from above, the most wonderful, multiply talented and charming Silke Thoss will be my guest at Berliner Runde at Colaboradio. I feel honoured to have been asked to do this show and well, this is my first try.
Silke Thoss is a painter and accordeonist. She is the prominent member/founder of bands like the „Watzloves“ and „Hoodoo Girls“, she is active as a performer, traveller and solo band, and is presently preparing a new set of paintings, titled „The Secret Art Society“.
Her website is:


25.3.2013 Chorizo Gardening on Air!


DIY Church presents: Chorizo Gardening. 7 – 9 pm.

As we all agree it is too cold to sit in the garden to broadcast. Therefore Mr. Stein visits the gardener at her home while she cooks dinner from Portugese specialities recently acquired at Lisbon.

We will talk about: Gardening, radio, Lo-Fi field recording, lawnmowers and their spectral sounds, cooking, so-called psychoactive garden herbs… and more!

A broadcast by: Markus Stein. With Gabi Schaffner, Pit Schultz and Matthias Scheliga. Live on: