10.12. Stranger than Paradise/Moonshiner

STRANGER THAN PARADISE: 5 hours of sound, radio play snippets, good old turntable DJing ranging from Yakutian symphonies to minimal Finnish electronica: Geranium blonde aks Ms Schaffner will travel to Franfurt/Main with some of her favorite vinyls and random hard drive playlists to celebrate the last day of Mathias Deutsch and Eva Schwab’s fabulous exhibition MOONSHINER.

13-19 Uhr, 10 Dezember 2017
Kunstverein Familie Montez, Honsellstr. 7, Frankfurt/Main


One day two shows 1: Record Covers


3 pm, 88.4. Tue. 24. Januray. COLABORADIO / Pi-Radio: Ms Schaffner has rummaged through her vinyls and bought some other ones at the fleamarket. You will hear her describe various covers (following no special order… or?) and then she plays what’s inside.


Geranium blonde plays: Five Wonky Hours to “Paradis de Hell” and (hopefully) back.

Paradis de Hel, Phoenix BB, Wedding

Staged at the Phoenix BB in Berlin-Wedding a most notable exhibition will take place: Paradis de Hell, showcasing the works of Mathias Deutsch (Berlin) and Dirk Heiden (Cologne). Geranium blonde has been assigned to cater to the musical taste of these two artists and their guests. Well, she spent some time diving into her archives and now comes up with her latest favourite fantasy: Dancy music. Really? Not really… !? Well, just expect something between Peruvian jungle narratives, 80s memories, some soul and possibly mushroom jazz.

1st of December 2012
Paradis de Hell
Drawing and Paintings
by Dirk Heiden & Mathias Deutsch
Phoenix BB
Koloniestr. 10, backyard, Berlin

19-23 h