19.-25. March: Show on Radia.fm


Almost to late… but then there are the radia.fm archives! Verena Kuni of radio x/Frankfurt invited me to present the Resounding Bangalore show (radia edit).



Starting 1.8.: Radia Show #592

The Journey of the Earthworm

The Journey of the Earthworm / Die Reise des Regenwurms

Pre-edit –  for radia.fm. By Gabi Schaffner, 2016


The earthworm travels on radio frequencies, earthy hacks and conclomerates of audio matter. S/he passes through mosquito clouds (yes, this earthworm can fly!), bird song, thunderstorms, attends a Finnish summer theatre show, listens to a boy and his mother singing, visits the aucoustic remnants of a German garden show, finds happiness in the ringing of porcelain bells and, finally, merges into silence and is gone.


  • Teuri Haarla, on occacion of his exhibition at Galerie Hilbertraum, 16th January 2016, Berlin, Germany
  • Unknown but stunningly convincing actors of a “kesäteatteri” 2010 in Mid Finland
  • Gibrain and Virpi Nurmi in their garden in Gießen, Germany

Field recordings by raw audio with snippets/remixes taken from:
momoscas1 by galeko, freesound.org
vartioh__loud-transmissions, freesound.org
spectrm__radio-interference, freesound.org
noisecollector__magnetorcradio, freesound.org
singing saw “fake birds”: Mimosa Pale, Berlin. 2011
guitar in “Birdcage” and flute improvisation, FX Schroeder, Hamburg. 2011
kompost20140711_2047.0.25s, programmed by Pit Schultz, 2014

Teuri Haarla is a Finnish self-taught artist who works with drawings, performance and architecture. For his performances he goes into a state he calls “bio drunk”. He also built “Plantheon” tower, 17 metre high and based on the geometry of nature.

During the opening we had a talk in which he explained some of this work and philosophy.


Now on Radia.fm 1-7 Feb: To the Limit of Endurance

Broadcast now on the international radia network: My radio piece about the voices of Venice. A poet by the riverside, a gondola race, a mass in church, vocal snippets of long gone Amazonian tribes plus some of the inevitable cicadas:)
Trumpet: Claudio Comandini

“To the Limit of Endurance” was produced for radio x, Frankfurt and can be heard there and on stream on Thursday, 4th of Feb. 2016, 3 p.m.
Introduction: Verena Kuni

For all other streams, refer to radia’s time slot page: http://www.radia.fm/?page_id=811



17th May, 11:30 pm: “Hidden Places” – on reboot.fm!


What comes to your mind if you think of a hidden place? Of a lost place? Of a place you found for yourself alone in the utmost wilderness. Four people share their stories. Mountain walks lead to Ice Elf City across rivers with a strange irridescent blue.

A combination of interviews and fieldrecordings, a rough edit done high up in the sky at night, in an airplace heading back to Berlin, 30.000 feet above the sea.

Ms. Schaffner is pleased to announce that “Hidden Places” will be broadcast on:

Sunday May 17 11:30 p.m. on reboot.fm Berlin, 88.4 Mhz (90.,7 Mhz in Potsdam)

Jónìna Marta Arnasdóttir, IS
Susan Beattie, UK
Halldór Heiðar Bjarnason, IS
Charlotte Law, UK

Poem “Failed walk” and organ snippet by Charlotte Law. Martian language bit originally by Helene Smith (1861-1929).

Mastering: Pit Schultz.
The broadcast is part of the radia.fm program and can be listened to on 25 radio stations around the world.

My greatest thanks to Fljótstunga Residency and to the Goethe-Institut, Munich.

Field recordings & production: Gabi Schaffner/raw audio 2015

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