Garden Pieces

11 Gartenstücke | 11 Garden pieces

  • Produced for: deutschlandradio kultur, 2012
  • <45 secs.
  • Fieldrecording & composition: Gabi Schaffner
  • Mastering: Wolfgang Kriener
  • Listen here: Gartenstuecke. Wurfsendung 174. 

Finnish Snow-walks and Dances

Snow on Vinyl!

Beware! , winter is lying in wait behind its snow cloud on a near horizon. This great collection of modern and traditional snow folk and rituals will sooth your mind and bring a bunch of strange and wonderful tunes and stories to your ear. Published in 2005 as a vinyl (nope, no CDs!), there are still some copies left. I wouldn’t hesitate… but I don’t have to…

For a taste, check this “Snow core” vid: Dark Cough by Leikata ja Liimata.

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