11.3. on ABC Soundproof: The Madness…

Madness of Documentarist

An interview with Miyuki Jokiranta, producer of Soundproof, ABC Australia. Followed by “The Madness of the Documentarist”, congenially arranged by Angela Grant.


I travel with my (sound) pieces… and… yes, I wear them like clothes. It can happen that a sleeve gets loose or falls off, and you need to repair it with a pin… or so. Also, sometimes, you hang them back into the wardrobe where they stay for years. And with some bad luck, well… moths come and eat the piece. And it falls to digital shreds.


2015 CAU Soundproof Australia


Madness moves Downunder! Hidden Places too.

Ms Schaffner happily announces that her radio piece “The Madness of the Documentarist” has been accepted for production by the Creative Audio Unit (CAU), Soundproof, ABC Australia.

“Hidden Places”, the new radio scape-to-be about spoken topographies will duely include vocal findings in Southern Australia and Tasmania…

But before starting to work on all that,  an Artist Talk will happen at the RMIT, 29th of October. Together with Philip Samartzis and Johannes S. Sistermanns.