28. Feb. “Record Covers” Show 4p.m.


Here comes #2 of “Record Covers (And The Music Inside)”:

28th of February
4-5 pm
CoLaboRadio on 88,4 Berlin/90,7 Potsdam
Tune in and enjoy puzzled Ms Schaffner figuring out what is displayed on these ominous, 30×30 cm sized squares. This time the focus will be on Finland, as my next guest in Berliner Runde, Niina Lehtonen-Braun allowed me to browse through her collection.

Thank you, Niina!



DLR Kultur 27.2. 0:05: Sneeze Fantasies!


Achoo!!! Who ever is still suffering from sneezes, snot, heavy breathing: welcome to the world of “Sneeze Fantasies”: 12 micro compositions made to spray (a)tonal, jazzy germs into the world of European pre-spring music! Introduced on Deutschlandradio Kultur in the night from Sunday to “Rosenmontag”, at 0:05 at some viral point of this broadcast. 27th Feb and afterwards irregularily during daytime.

Link to Wurfsendung in “Kurzstrecke #59, presented by Julia Tieke: http://www.deutschlandradiokultur.de/ursendung-neue-autorenproduktionen-kurzstrecke-59.1020.de.html?dram:article_id=376206

Greatest thanks to the musicians who helped me by adding their talents to the sneeze material:
Rosanna Lovell – clarinet
Matthias Schmidt – trombone
Claudio Comandini – trumpet
Hannes Wienert – trumpet

One day two shows 2: The Secret Art Society


6 pm, 88.4. Tue. 24. Januray. COLABORADIO / Pi-Radio: Berliner Runde. As you can see from above, the most wonderful, multiply talented and charming Silke Thoss will be my guest at Berliner Runde at Colaboradio. I feel honoured to have been asked to do this show and well, this is my first try.
Silke Thoss is a painter and accordeonist. She is the prominent member/founder of bands like the „Watzloves“ and „Hoodoo Girls“, she is active as a performer, traveller and solo band, and is presently preparing a new set of paintings, titled „The Secret Art Society“.
Her website is:http://silke-thoss.magnolia.ch/

BBC 4: Reindeer Race & Retiretki


Photo: bbc

Slush and Burn! Right in time for X-Mas season,  British radio producer Cathy FitzGerald has finished on her feature on the reindeer races in Rovaniemi. The trailer comes with some “Snow” music from my album: Retiretki – Sleigh ride.
I strongly recommend listening to her story from where the polar circle starts and the lingam berries glow: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04lzvtv

A Merry Christmas to all of you!

Radio Show: The Arctic Hour


You didn’t make it to the Arctic Hour on the 29. Oct. ? The faboulous radio broadcast archive of Radio Revolten has saved this copy for you on mixcloud 🙂

So get yourself a comfy chair or rest on a sleigh, get a warm blanket and travel to the North with me…

Duration: ca. 1:15 min
Language: de, en
Music: Lost & found fieldrecordings and compositions from Iceland & Finland, one track by the Residents (of course!)


Radio Show: Record Covers…


… and what’s inside. How often have you bought a record on a flee market or in a shop not knowing what’s inside? Some turned out great, some were just horrible. Some were bought in zero expectation because the cover was beautiful or super ugly anyway, others had tempting transparent or red or orange vinyl, picture disks too. Here comes a choice of cover descriptions, live on Revolten radio🙂 Don’t dare complain about the music, this is about imagery and feel…

@ Radio Revolten Halle

revolten workspace

If you may wonder where I am, it is here at my Halle work station. Lovers of radio, experimental sound, field recording, wave nerds, frequency fetishists: The place to visit is Radio Revolten Festival in Halle. If you would like to know what is happening: Read the “Diary” , better still: Tune in on 99.3 FM and 1575 on Mittelwelle and online. Art, People, Music, Club, 2 Concerts each Evening, all free!

I must get back there now, so this post is short.

More and everything else on: RADIOREVOLTEN.NET
1. – 30. October 2016

Phonurgia Field Recording Award


Alors, c’est ça: Fame and honour for three of us: Patrick Avakian, Yannick Lemesle et moi 🙂 ! Here are the links to our “paysages sonores”. Und der Artikel in Deutsch dazu: http://www.deutschlandradio.de/prix-phonurgia-nova-hauptpreis-und-zwei-lobende.2174.de.html?dram:article_id=366301

Patrick Avakian, pour « Ecoute la Montagne », autoproduction (France)

Yannick Lemesle, pour « Entomophonie Syntonale », autoproduction (France)

Gabi Schaffner pour « Hidden Places », production Deutschlandradio Kultur (Allemagne)